It's Time for the World to Hear from Us

It's Time for the World to Hear from Us

John Scott  -  May 31, 2019  -  The BG Blog Library  -  0 Comments

This is an exciting day! We are re-introducing ourselves to the marketplace. Nice to meet you.

Thirteen years in business and we’re hitting the reboot button today. Why? Because we want to focus more on building things. Our guys have told us that’s what they want to do, so we’re going to show you we have some serious game in custom software design.

BG Software and our parent Benningfield Group is starting a new journey, and we’d love to have you join us when you’re ready.

The tools get more powerful every week, maybe every day! Constant advances in software development are making it easier than ever to change up and upgrade existing platforms. Customization allows users to get coached up very quickly. Gone are the days of users having to rummage through thick “owner’s manual” training. The programs are much more intuitive.

This blog is intended to be helpful, not a hard sell of SaaS products. We’ll be publishing a lot of articles designed to demystify the software buying process. For many companies, it’s a process they look upon with fear and dread. Worries about importing data, training the staff, costs… legit concerns indeed, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Quite the opposite, actually – the right software solution can make employees happier, streamline operations, analyze important data, and more.

I love this company because of its size and culture. Seventeen people work here. That’s fewer than some brand-new startups. We’re truly a family. We know each other well and we understand each other’s strengths and challenges. That culture is reflected in how we will work with our future customers. No hype, no pushy salespeople, and a true commitment to the client. That’s how our CEO Robin rolls, and that’s what she expects from us.

Because of our size, and the different hats we wear, we’ll understand the language of the small and mid-sized business we’ll be partnering with. We understand the culture of workplaces not buried under layers of bureaucracy and management.

Enough about us. From here on out it’s all about you.

John Scott is the Senior Marketing Manager at BG Software.
[email protected]
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