Why a Software Purchase Is Absolutely an Emotional One

Why a Software Purchase Is Absolutely an Emotional One

John Scott  -  June 04, 2019  -  The BG Blog Library  -  0 Comments

At first glance, one would think the decision-making process for a software purchase is pure logic: it needs to do A so we can generate reports about B and it’d be great if it could do C. Meet those criteria, and done.


Any company who claims they can give you an out-the-door price on a software build is not lying as much as guessing. Their guess might result in overages near the end of the process that you weren’t counting on, which erodes trust and stresses you.

There’s only one business like yours. Every job is different, in size, scale and scope. A reputable company will listen to what you need, first.

Then they’ll “size” and “scope” the potential project and make what they believe is a fair estimation of what it’s going to cost.

What happens next involves pure emotion.

There’s plenty of science on why we are resistant to change – change in our personal lives, our careers, and most certainly buying decisions. And then there’s the pure business decision; will new software improve margins, will employees enjoy using it?

It’s up to your software provider to learn what you need, ask a lot of questions along the way, make your team a partner in the process, and ensure every stakeholder is properly trained on the use of the new application before the switch is made.

A fresh software upgrade can mean amazing things for your company. Having trust in the business who makes it for you is absolutely critical. What happens then? You’re worrying less. You’re excited instead of anxious. You’re moving forward!

You can stick with old, outdated or less secure software. There is a cost associated with doing nothing, however, and only you know what you’re willing to tolerate.

Running a business is a crazy, awesome adventure. Everybody wants a piece of your budget. You know what you need. The vendor who listens first and sells last is a great place to start.

John Scott is the Senior Marketing Manager at BG Software.
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