Data Warehousing

The ability to access your data and build reports to learn about the habits and trends of your customers.

Data Warehousing

When our founder Lynn worked here, she would always say, “People don’t really realize the usefulness of data.”

She was right. We all now understand how collecting and reporting data is critical for the success of a business. You grab it, shape it, visualize it, and plan your future with it!

Data Warehousing is a pretty broad umbrella term but let’s use this example. Anytime you’re storing a large amount of data, especially historical data, you want to be able to look back. For our client AmericasMart, their exhibitors sell products, but they may have also sold different products last year, or two or three years ago. We have all this historic data warehoused, so AmericasMart can generate reports on who exhibited, when, and where their booth was located.

After we have your data, we can not only report it back to you, but also share it with third-party applications.

To see our Data Warehousing skills in action, check out the following case studies: