It’s developers and operations working together to safely (but quickly) get your code out to your servers.


We do DevOps for all our clients.

Traditionally, developers write code, operations deploys it. But what happens in a siloed environment if something goes wrong? You want the person deploying the code to be familiar with the code itself. That’s why BG Software operates with the DevOps model; at its simplest, under a DevOps model, the engineers work across the entire application lifecycle. Our full-stack developers are each capable of taking a project from the start of development, to the end of operations, that allows the process to be more efficient and improve the quality of work overall. From tagging code to make rollback easier, to testing and deployment, DevOps means teams view the entire development lifecycle as part of their responsibilities.

The intersection of Agile development and people is DevOps.

To see our DevOps skills in action, check out the following case studies: