Absolutely the most important element of software.


We have a lot of experience implementing Single Sign-On (SSO).

Google, Facebook, GitHub, and Twitter do this – we do too. It’s the act of signing in easily and quickly once to access several different applications. We did that for our client, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) using our own auth client as an identity provider.

We also understand the security details that are behind common SSO specifications. With that understanding we can ensure your application has a robust authentication and authorization system, whether it’s implementing a Google sign-in, or something we make specifically for your application.

Security is so much more than a login and a password. You’d be amazed at what black hats can do.

We are committed to keeping our customer’s data secure. BG Software is currently offering security audits for businesses of all sizes – to identify and correct vulnerabilities in their applications.

Software Security Audit Services

We also offer a variety of software security audits, where we identify affected areas, assess risk severity, analyze exploit difficulty and suggest remedies.

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