System Integration

Taking scattered information and organizing it so it’s easy for you to use.

System Integration

We have had several clients who needed support for system integration. They typically had an application with a database but later needed to integrate with a third-party piece of software, such as a registration system, and that third party needed access to the client’s data. We set up numerous APIs to work off the existing database, automatically providing the third-party application with up-to-date data when they need it. It’s easy for us, and the customer only sees the result – a nightmare avoided.

Another example would be if somebody came to us and said, “I have this application and it’s already been built; it’s been running and now I want to take payments on it.”. We have had clients who wanted to start taking online payments, but not go through the expensive PCI compliance process. Instead, we set a custom integration with a payment merchant (like authorize.Net, or PayPros) that will process the credit cards.

Simply put - when two things need to talk to each other, we can make that happen.

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