Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

The Client:

The ACCA quality assurance accreditation program gives HVAC contractors a way to prove their capability to builders and homeowners. Designed by ACCA with contractor input, the quality assurance program focuses primarily on American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Energy Star, and ACCA standards, accrediting contractors who follow those standards when installing HVAC systems in new and existing residential buildings.

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The Challenge:

The program previously had each contractor complete portions of a three to four-page paper packet. It was time consuming for contractors to manually figure out which fields were required for their specific project. After it was submitted for review, each application packet would then need to be hand checked to see if it met the requirements of the program. The people reviewing the docs had to wade through the forms and different sets of requirements, then print and mail the certificates out.

The Technology:

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The Outcome:

Through our new process, we were able to save considerable time for both the contractors completing the applications and the people reviewing completed ones. Now contractors are only completing the items that they needed based on the actual certificate they were looking to acquire, and the staff reviewing each application knew exactly what certificate they were checking for.

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